Flash Fiction: Don B Angri Sharon

Many of you don’t know that I also write fiction.

Here is a flash fiction piece I wrote some time ago:

A maid working in Singapore emails her daughter living in the Philippines:


To: Sharon Gonzales (gmail.com)

Subject: Don b angri Sharon

Sharon don cry. eat food now. Mamma say u no talk to her. Why so rude Sharon. She do no wrong. She tk care of u. You rude to me also. Why you cut my call. I call and call. I so worrid for u. U my only child.  I in Singapor only for u Sharon. U think my life easy. I clean house all day. No holiday. Some bossess nice like Mr Carl. Some boss so rude. Scol me make me do extra work don pay me at time. Yestrday my India lady boss scol me for talkin to her husband.  She say I don cleen proper. I cleen frij bt she make me do agin. She jelus off me bt I jus talk to him. Agency also too much they earnin too much coz of me bt when hv problem they no care.

I say many time u cant cum to Singapor. My contract I sign no allow. No allow u in my place. They no lemme cook no iron no hot water. Tolet also no flush. Thes pepl not nice Sharon. Yestrday Dora scol me coz I put food on her tray in frij. I say sorry also bt Dora say hole frij smel coz my food bt she ly. I so suffer here Sharon. I only go church and pray for strenth.

I mis u. U go college. u work in offis. No maid job for u. What u do Sharon. U cut skool u smok u anser bak ur granma. U finis all money I sen u. Why u go to KFC evry day. Why u gv money to ur frens. Ur frens only use u. Granma say u hv many boyfrens also. Is true Sharon? Now u repet 1 yr in skool. Why u no tell me. What ur daddy say Sharon. He no mor sen money if I tell u fail.

Why u angri wid me. I tell u agin and agin u cant live wid ur daddy. Ur daddy don wan u. I so sorry bt u r big now so I tell. Don say nothin to him on fone. He get angri. I work so hard for money for ur skool. Why u cut skool. U wan b pregnan and marry at 16 like ur cozin Lily. Hav baby and tk care of baby all day. U study first u work in offis. Then u marry nice man. U wan b like ur mamma. B maid all life. I ur mamma Sharon. I think good for u. Don b angri. I so far away. B nice to granma. b happy. I sen box alredy. Got cloths, bags, shoes. My bossess pas me. Sum new also. Sum u keep. Sum u giv to Cora. I LOV U SHARON. Don b angri. I sent kissess to u.


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