The Business

Megha Singh Communications is a communications consultancy that offers the following services to small businesses in the creative, technology and lifestyle industries.

1. Research (secondary) – economy (global and local), industry, major players, competitors, good practices of businesses

2. Content Creation – copywriting for websites, blogs, brochures, product copy, media releases

3. Branding – name, logo, tagline, vision, mission, values, brand promise, brand purpose, brand personality, brand experience, brand strategy

4. Public Relations – getting the media to know about your brand through media releases, briefings and interviews

5. Social Media Management – managing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts on a monthly basis.

6. Event Management – this includes sourcing the venue and manpower, setting the event flow, arranging for food & beverages, setting up a ticket payment gateway and publicizing the event in the media & on social media.

Please email for more information and rates.

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