All new The Straits Times

The Straits Times with a brand new look
The Straits Times with a brand new look

To celebrate its 170th anniversary, my favourite newspaper now has a brand new look and more engaging content. I am still going through it currently but I can say this for sure; print, particularly newspapers are definitely not dead.

I love newspapers. It’s what I used to get up to in the morning before I had my son. Barring the sports section and the obituaries, I read it cover to cover. Even though I read a lot of content online these days, not a day goes by without me perusing the paper.

In another one of those media-hyped battles these days, we are being asked to choose – print or digital? TV or Internet? Worse – many a times we are informed – print is dead, TV is dead. Why do we have to choose one? I consume a variety of media and I couldn’t do without any. I read physical books and listen to audio books, read newspapers, magazines and online articles, watch shows on TV and Internet. And millions of people around the world do this every day.

Just like women are expected to have it all – husband, kids, career, looks, body, money and be nice (oh because what’s the point of having it all if you are not a nice woman) – why can’t all forms of media coexist?

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