Accessories – Blithe and Merry

When I was a teenager, my taste in accessories veered towards the cheap and the colorful. Wood, shell, plastic – I liked eclectic materials and huge designs. And I wore something different everyday. I wanted to stand out from the crowd.

In my 20s, I decided I wanted to fit in. My jewelry became dainty and delicate-it was hard to make out what I was wearing. And I wore the same Swarovski and Pandora pieces everyday.

Now that I am in my 30s, I like statement pieces. I appreciate unique design, good quality and a luxurious feeling. And I am able and willing to pay for it.

I came across Blithe and Merry and its founder Joanna at the last Blueprint. The designs of the cuffs she was selling then immediately caught my eye. Even to a layperson like me, the quality of the pieces was immediately evident. I tried on one cuff. It looked good, it felt good and I was immediately sold.


Blithe and Merry makes luxurious statement jewelry which are available at accessible prices. Their latest collection consists of genuine leather cuffs with unique hardware.


I am the kind of person who judges a product or a service by the people who own/sell it. It’s no wonder then that the brand’s best asset is Joanna. She is a warm and wonderful woman who will talk and listen to you whether you buy her pieces or not. She is creative, passionate and totally dedicated to her business. And I know for a fact that it’s not easy as like me, she is mum to a toddler and does it all without any help.


If you want to know more about Blithe and Merry, please visit:


Instagram: @blitheandmerry



Oh and a little birdie told me that their pieces will soon be available at a major department store, just in time for all our holiday shopping 🙂