What this viral video taught me.

This Youtube video has been going viral all over the world for the past few days.

My mind was flooded with thoughts when I saw it. Here they are in no particular order:

1. This is one brave woman.

2. Pleasant people become vicious monsters under the garb of anonymity.

3. When will we stop judging women by their beauty – and men by their money?

4. No matter what the world says, one has show up, take a stand and fight back in this beautiful, positive way.

5. I should postpone my Youtube debut for some time.

Delete these words from your email vocabulary.

Recently, I have been reading a spate of articles on how women subsconsciously minimise themselves and the work they do, especially in the professional space.

The reasons are varied – a need to please, to be liked universally, to not offend, to not come across as aggressive and so on. The result is that many women often seem to be lacking in clarity and confidence, when that’s not the case.

This article on Ivanka Trump’s website lists five words women – and men – should delete from their email vocabulary to sound more confident.

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